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Where our Traffic Comes From

As you can see the majority of our traffic is direct traffic which is from people that actually type johnzapata.com in their web browser to come to our site, which means they intend to come here. Then the second most is from social traffic which is obviously very powerful because of the potential to go viral and almost instantly skyrocket your viewership. And then you can see there is plenty of room to grow from search engines and referring websites which is what we are working on everyday to have balanced traffic tactics and a constant flow of excited viewers. The only direction we are going from here is up!
















Traffic Patterns











Banner Advertising

If you’d like some high-quality extra traffic flowing through to your website then banner ads is the way to go. You can choose from several options listed below to suit your needs and have your ads appear on both the front page of johnzapata.com and also all the blog posts. A true set it and forget it method for traffic! Here are your options:

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250 x 250 Banner Ad – $50 per calendar month

Sponsored Reviews

Do you have a product that you’d love to give some more quality exposure to? If so our sponsored reviews are an excellent way to bring quality targeted traffic to your products on autopilot. We will review your product and have one of our pro writers create an honest well written review for it and list it in our review section. Please understand that we have to maintain our standards of quality, so if your product is lacking in quality we will have to be honest about that but we’ll be sure to highlight what’s great about it as well in all cases.

Your sponsored review will also be blasted out to our social media and video channels to ensure maximum exposure for your product.

Cost is currently at a low rate of $50 but will be going up as demand increases. So if this is something you can use to boost your business then I highly encourage you to act quickly and get the cheapest rates.

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