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4 Bad Pieces of Social Media Advice to Ignore

by John
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"bad social media advice"How many times have you heard that you must be on every social network, share everything you come across, and automate your updates? Many so-called gurus offer bad advice that could ruin your social media efforts. With so much information out there, it can be hard to find the best approach. The most popular social media tips might not work for your site. Some are completely wrong and can hurt your reputation. Here are four bad pieces of social media advice to ignore:

Stay Active on All Social Networks

Many bloggers and Internet marketers struggle to maintain an active online presence on all social networks. From Twitter and Facebook to Google Plus, Tumblr, Meetup, Netlog, and Instagram, there are countless online platforms. If you’re trying to use all of them, you’re going to end up spending many hours just managing your profiles. It’s virtually impossible to post quality content and interact with your audience on every single social network.

Choose up to five social media sites and build a strong online presence. If your customers aren’t there, don’t waste your time. Test different platforms to find those that work best in your niche. For example, if you have a fashion blog, Pinterest would be a better choice than Twitter or LinkedIn.

Share As Much Content As Possible

Many social media gurus will encourage you to keep posting updates day and night. While it is true that you must be consistent and maintain an active online presence, this doesn’t mean that you should flood social networks with countless daily updates. If you do this, your fans will stop following you and even block your profile. Make sure your daily social media updates provide value. Each message you share should be useful and relevant to your fans.

Delete All Negative Comments about Your Brand

Social media can help companies improve their products and learn more about customers. Every social network should be treated like a customer service platform. Use this marketing tool to get feedback and gather information about your audience. If you find negative comments about your brand, address them as best you can. Don’t be afraid to ask customers how you could improve your services and products.

Automate All of Your Updates

Automating your updates will save you hours of hard work. With social automation, you can schedule your daily updates and have more time for your business. However, you shouldn’t automate everything you share online. Social media is all about building relationships. Take the time to connect with people, reply to their inquiries, and leave comments on their posts. You can share automated updates from your blogs and websites, but don’t forget to engage in real conversations as well.

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