3 Royalty Free Images

by John
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We all know images are powerful because they catch attention, invoke emotion, relay information and just that people love looking at them. That’s why they are especially powerful when used online and for Internet Marketers, product creators, bloggers etc. who want to engage their audiences. This is pretty obvious when you look at sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Photobucket where people spend so much time just looking through and sharing images.

Well since they are so important to us that work and play, it’s nice to know a few places you can find some good yet free ones that are safe to use in different ways and when used correctly. Unfortunately, you can’t just use any image you see because it will likely violate copyright laws and can get you in trouble if you aren’t careful.


One option to get around this is by going to stock photo sites and purchasing images you can use however you want but the cost adds up when you have to keep buying them.

So to help keep you out of trouble, save time and keep your money in your pocket where it belongs, here are a few of my favorite places to go and quickly find great images that you can use for different things online.

"Flickr"Flickr – this is a place where people upload and share all kinds of amazing pictures and some (not all) are shared under the creative commons attribution license where all you need to do is credit the photographer under the image so you can legally use it.

"Flickr Request"

You can go to the link below to get an explanation of all the different license types and browse through images.


"stock.xchng"Stock.xchng – This is another awesome place to get royalty free images of all types and many don’t have the same restrictions you might have with other images such as ones found on flickr etc.

If you need an image that you can use on your sales pages, ebooks etc. anywhere you don’t want to have to credit the author then you may want to check here first.





Here is another one that is great for finding photos for your blogs and sites where it’s no big deal to credit the author. As you can see they let you download it free without any watermarks or anything as long as you credit the author below the picture which is Scott Chan in this case.

"Success Road Sign"

If you’ve never been to any of these sites I encourage you to check them out and see what you can find! There are certainly more sites out there but it’s good to have a handful of go-to places you can quickly find what you need and keep on moving.

Do you know of some other good sites to go to go get quality free images? If so, feel free to share!


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